The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Society

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Do you think that the internet is harmful or beneficial to our society? The internet is beneficial to our society because most people use social media to find something interesting or find something they did not know before. Most of my family has a social media account just to look around or interact with another family member, They talk with them over a message or call. Another reason why social media is beneficial is because "one in five people meet online" to talk or try to just hang out. Most relationships happen online when they just want to meet or go out on a date. Social media also helps to promote a small shop or business. According to Erik Qualiman " social media video 2013" it says," 93% of marketers use social media for business."…show more content…
According to Erik Qualiman " Social media video 2013" 93% of marketers use social media for business." This show that people use social media for business, those people if they work for a good company people like they can promote a small shop and give them a good review. Social media is a great place when people say it is an awful place to be on. Although, it is a place were anything could happen randomly and no one would know until the news say something about it. Above all, the web is great place to visit because all or even more information can be found on the web. One most reliable source for information is Wikipedia. Wikipedia has information on something you or anyone could find. Additionally, you do not have to use the web to find information about something you want to know, you can also go on to watch a video on whatever you want to know. Anything but, not all could be found on because their company do not like certain things on their website. The things they do not like on their website someone from the company would take it down or something that is not good for their website. Even if you do not want to watch a video, for the information you need you could also go to other websites that have the information you want to know. For example, you can go to the news social media to find something or just try to find the best page that has better information…show more content…
One good thing most people say about online network is if it was not invented we would not be in the place we are today with the world wide web. People can say bad things about the web on how parents cannot monitor their child 's search history. Others say that their child just wanted to search around and accidentally went on a bad site but it is not the internet fault for letting the kid on the bad site. This has happened to my cousin when he wanted to go on a site that was bad and he got on the site but the site said if they were old enough to go on it so he left the site and never went on it. The internet is a great place to be on, there are just those people to make the web a bad and horrible place to be one. As long as you ignore those people the web is an awesome and great place to be on. Do not let anyone tell you that you are doing wrong by going on the web, they are the ones that are wrong. On that final note social media should be used by everyone. It is a great tool in life and when you get ready for college and you could use it whenever it is needed. Just remember that other people have their own opinion about if the world wide web is harmful to others or beneficial to others in our society today as a whole we can change other people to change their minds about social media. We could also try to get the bad people

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