The Internet: The Dangers And Benefits Of The Internet

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It is not odd to seek solace in different places and internet can seem as a perfect place for that. However, in the place where anonymity is highly appreciated and anyone can create a whole new different personality, it is important to be aware of the bad things that can happen.
The first thing that would help to a certain extent is introducing people with the potential and actual dangers that the internet can have. Different workshops and seminars should be organized in every school, university and company , where professionals would speak on different topics : sexual harassment on the internet, explicit contents that can be found there, parent-children online education, how to remain safe and protect your private information online. However, the seminars and workshops wouldn’t focus solely on the bad things, they would also try to promote many benefits of the internet. People would be able to share their own experiences and give tips and pieces of advice that might be helpful. The primary goal of this is to raise awareness in the whole society and to make people take internet more seriously, but also to encourage people to speak up and to realize that they are not alone, that their experiences could help someone else – altogether helping in creating as healthier online environment as possible. This should be followed in every country of the world and government funded, even in the less developed countries, since this problem is a growing issue and the more
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