Dealing With Internet Addiction

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It is not odd to seek solace in different places and internet can seem as a perfect place for that. However, in the place where anonymity is highly appreciated and anyone can create a whole new different personality, it is important to be aware of the bad things that can happen.
The first thing that would help to a certain extent is introducing people with the potential and actual dangers that the internet can have. Different workshops and seminars should be organized in every school, university and company , where professionals would speak on different topics : sexual harassment on the internet, explicit contents that can be found there, parent-children online education, how to remain safe and protect your private information
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Just like any other kind of addiction, people with this disorder need to provided help in dealing with the addiction. Not counting the parents and the family, the first ones who can do something about this are schools, universities and work environment. Theprimary function of schools educating children and young people need not necessarily be restricted solely on formal education, and companies and employers should look after the well-being of their workers more, in order to create a healthier , friendlier and more productive work environment.
These facilities should do as much as they can to help people with different problems, internet addiction included. The first thing that should be included in every social community: schools, universities, private and public sector, are free psychologists, paid by government, and an obligatory appointment with them, at least once a month. In a lot of schools there are psychologists, however, both children and people have a tendency to see them as intimidating and unhelpful. However, by having a regular conversations, there are higher chances for this fear to disappear, providing people an opportunity to seek help on their issues and getting one step closer to solving them and getting
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A research by Pakistani doctors has proven that people who lack physical activity are more likely to suffer from internet addiction; thus, I would suggest that in schools, physical education should be compulsory for everyone, and gym or some other physical activity in the business environment, unless there is valid medical or some other reason for not doing it. This would not only reduce the risk of potential addiction and fight the existing one, but it would also help the ones who are dealing with obesity and depression, since physical exercise helps release dopamine and serotonine, chemical produced in brain, which improve mood and have a beneficial effect on mental
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