The Internet: The Importance Of The Internet

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“Media has become as necessary as food and clothing. Media is a mirror of the modern society; in fact, it is the media which forms our lives. The principle of the media is to let people know about modern, new relationships and to tell about the most modern discussion and fashion. The media still very backward behind other economic sectors because international communication is closely bound up with culture, language and tradition” (Karachi, M.(n.d). Media has many important types we already use in our daily life such as the internet and TV also radio and print media like newspaper and magazine. Nowadays the social media is the main part of humanity life; humans use the media in many ways at home, at work also in college and at school. It’s like a shadow of humansthat all the time uses it. The media the that interests audiences. I think the media is an important thing actually now we cannot live without it, because we need it every time. The most important thing in media is the internet it’s the main component in the media I am very excited to talk about the importance of internet that interest me also interest you. The importance of internet and why it’s important for us?. They use this kind of medium to get information about all kinds topics they need”(Temmel,M (.n.d)).Also we use the internet to communicate with others, actually the internet help us to get many news via social media for example whatsapp and instagram and snap chat also many others apps help
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