The Internet: The Negative Effects Of The Internet

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Too much use of the internet, also called internet addiction is defined as any online-related, compulsive behavior that obstructs with a person's normal living. Not only that but it also creates a severe stress on the family, friends, loved ones, work environment and other people around you. It has also been called dependency on the internet that's why the internet has a negative impact on some people, especially for parents. Why the parents? It's because people who are most hooked up to the internet are the students. But agree or not, advancement in technology made our life easier especially with the internet. Accessing information and connection among people is also made easier with the help of internet. In short, the internet can help us in a variety of things. We all know that nowadays, people, especially teenagers are excessively engaging in the use of the internet. Some of us even use the internet almost every hour whether we have, or we don't…show more content…
One of its most common benefits in terms of education is that young people or teenagers like me can easily do their homework and schoolwork without having to go to the library by researching using the internet at home. Another is that it helps us, the students widen and gain more knowledge which helps us to improve our grades. Since there is a huge amount of information available on the internet, it is also much easier to learn the lessons at school that you don't get with just a few clicks. Access to different news, papers, research and articles that you can use as a reference to some schoolwork are also available. There are also numerous search engines like Google and Yahoo that have made it easier for us to find information. And lastly, through the internet, you can get important information immediately in just a matter of

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