The Internet: The Responsibility Of The Internet

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"The Internet: a tool of the 20th century. It is a tool that has been part of people_Ñés everyday lives for as long as we can possibly remember. We use it without realizing- we talk with our friends over the net, we work over the net, and we schedule appointments, apply for jobs, and do a myriad of other things using this tool that has been conferred upon us. And it is possibly one of the most powerful forces on this earth- for what would we do without it? And since the Internet exists in the first place, there has to be regulations over it, right? No, there does not. Except for the most extreme of cases where the safety and security of nations are concerned, the Internet should be left free and open. The nature of the net is to be unbiased and uncensored with all content treated as equally as the rest. If one were to restrain the Internet, it would no longer be the Internet that we know. This is the idea widely known as Net Neutrality, a principle that Internet providers must not show preference for content by speeding up or slowing down certain traffic as they see fit. These Net Neutrality rules were put into place in 2015, rendering the Internet a public utility rather than a communications service. It is due to this principle that the Internet has been unrestrained and transparent for the last several years. What does this have to do with the regulation of the Internet? Everything. Or rather, the lack thereof. The Internet is a self-managing force, and this prevents

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