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The Internet: The way one should use it Today is the age of internet technology. Internet has made the access to the global information on your fingertips. It helps people to get information regarding business, weather, world changes and trends, cultures of different parts of the world and the most important task that it plays is, to help students in education. Internet has made it straightforward to get access to required information in a matter of seconds. In short it could be said that, internet has made life easier.
But there is also another side of this shining coin. Internet and social media sites are also playing havoc to people lives. Without any rules and regulations, and proper laws the internet can damage social status of people.
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It has been in practice for centuries. But the point is, at that time the people found guilty were presented in public. One to make that law is supreme and the other to make people understand the consequences of an illegal act. But internet is termed as loose cannon. Because, people just for the sake of fun or sometimes in grudges can post something on internet. And this fun can ruin the life of a person. Young people post events from their lives with pictures and videos on social sites making themselves vulnerable to such tragic events. The writer is trying to make the argument that it is the responsibility of the law making agencies to make laws and make sure their practice. The bloggers of such websites are saved sometime, because they say that they are not responsible for the thing that person posts who is anonymous.
Freedom of speech is a good thing, but only when it is not damaging another person. The point is that the internet and postings on it should be monitored carefully. And if a person is accused of any wrongdoing on internet that can damage another person’s social life should be punished. But now the guilty bloggers get a safe side by putting the responsibility on anonymous
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