The Internet: The Use Of The Internet

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Internet is a software that widely used by public from around the world. There is no doubt that internet will bring us a lot of benefit. However, the growing danger from cybercrimes committed against computers, or against information on computer by using internet is beginning to claim attention in national capitals. In most countries around the world. However, existing laws are likely to be unenforceable against such crimes. This lack of legal protection means that businesses and governments must rely solely on technical measures to protect themselves from those whose wold steal, deny access to, or destroy valuable information. That’s why internet can be a tool of cyber activity because of its high technology level making it difficult to detect, steal and damage personal information and dangerous to business online. Internet is one of the medium that can be used as a tool of cybercrime because of the impressive development of today’s technology that making the cybercrime difficult to be detected by using internet. Cybercriminal can see your personal data even though you keep it in high level of network security because the rapid development technology making the criminal easier to launch assault against cyber victims. In other words, they use high technology level software or hardware that can be used to launch assault against the victims. According to (Carnegie, 2014 ), cybercriminals use botnet as a software network or bots that automatically spread malware. We can say

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