How Does Social Media Change

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The internet has drastically changed the way people communicate and interact by opening new doors of opportunity. Social media has given insight to users by sharing pictures and news with people who have similar interests. While sharing information with others over the web can be useful, there is a greater issue in the public’s eyes that seems to second guess person to person interaction. Studies have shown communication has evolved due to the use of the internet and certain apps while changing the way conversations are held everyday. Before social media, people had more face to face conversations and in person communication skills were more developed, now most forms of interaction occur over the internet and provide a broad audience while…show more content…
Users have a chance to explore the abundance of information the web has to offer. Not only is information easier to distribute, but the ways in which people share with others has changed as well. For example, emailing has brought back the idea of letter writing which helps to generate a well developed response due to the fact that there is time to compose a thought out reply. Other lines of connecting to users, like Facetime, let people from any place at any time have a conversation. This access has come in handy to many over the world to speak with whomever needed. Although this kind of connection is convenient, it may not result to be the best. Bill Rosenthal, author of “4 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Communicate”, talks about the good and bad sides to internet communication. “We are so dependent on our mobile devices these days that in-person conversations are becoming rare” (Rosenthal). People also use these social media sites to have debates and or full blown arguments as a way to speak their minds and voice an opinion. “Twitter is incredibly useful for organizing people and for distributing news during disasters, but it also seems to create a compelling opportunity for fools and haters”(Rosenthal). This can be good as a way to create informational discussions or to organize a confrontational debate. All of these sites have an impact on the people using them and the amount of users only seems to be increasing as years go
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