The Internment Of Japanese Americans: Article Analysis

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Published in the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, this article delves into the history of Japanese Americans, examining the racism and discrimination faced by the immigrants. To begin the scholarly examination of Japanese Americans, the author writes, “Like many other U.S. minority groups, racial or not, Japanese Americans have faced an enormous amount of overt and covert discrimination throughout their history.” On the contrary, the author claims that although Japanese Americans faced rampant discrimination, they became a model minority due to their hard work and persistence. In addition, the author describes the internment of Japanese Americans, comparing it to the Holocaust, Great Migration, and the Trail of Tears. Finally, the author briefly reviews the reparations received by the Japanese Americans for their internment.…show more content…
Since Asian Americans constantly had their basic human rights stripped, they could not assimilate in America. One of the fundamental rights of American citizens, is the right to a trial. The author of the article writes, “Many Issei men were sent to federal prison without trials or evidence,” a clear violation of rights. Additionally, regarding discrimination, the article states, “They [Japanese immigrants] immediately began to encounter blatant discrimination and exploitation from employers and neighbors, a recurring theme in the novel. Ultimately, this article will strongly support my second claim that Asian Americans had their rights stripped, barring them from
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