Summary: The Internship

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Management and leadership: Based on scenes from The Internship

Throughout the film The Internship many scenes showed scenarios in which management and leadership was evidently present. The very nature and size of the organization Google in the film makes it of great importance to have high levels of management and leadership. This is, for example, shown in the meeting in which Chetty (the manager of Google) and the interns gather in a meeting room. Here, questions relating to being an employee of Google are posed to the interns. The interns are then expected to answer either ‘yes’ by putting up a green coloured sign, or ‘no’ by putting up a red coloured sign.

This process enables the manager to get an understanding and perception of the
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The greatest separation between management and leadership is that leaders need not to hold a management position. It is therefore possible for an individual to become a leader without obtaining a formal and official title. The ability to become a leader is based on either acknowledging or developing leadership as a personal quality.
Groups of individuals are eager to follow a leader due to who he/she is as an individual and what this individual stands for and believes in. Leaders are not followed as a mere result of the authority conferred onto him or her by the organization, in actual fact, a leader is followed as he/she will show great passion and personal investment in the success of their followers. Leaders assist other individuals in achieving their goals, in spite of these possibly being different to that of the organization’s
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Creativity in an organization is an incredibly helpful skill to harness, as it not only creates a competitive edge to the organization, but also introduces new ideas and ways of resourcefully solving problems that can influence the future success of the organization.

Creative thinking strengthens the brainstorming and thinking skills/abilities of corporate individuals. This has important advantages for the organization in the way that it creates fresh perspectives on strategies and planning for the future. It is an innovative, cost-effective means of solving problems, and introduces improvements to currents aspects of the organization.
Creative thinking allows the organization to become flexible in the manner in which it adapts to change, and this is incredibly beneficial as all of the three business environments are constantly changing and thus, constantly affects the organization in spite of how well it pre-empts and plans for such
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