The Internship: Movie Review

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The Internship
Released in 2013

Staring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn
Directed by Shaun Levy

Ariel Sevitz
Business Studies
King David High School Linksfield

The storyline
The internship is about two middle-aged men who have been sales reps for most of their lives. When giving a sales pitch which had the potential to result in great fortunes, the two men, Nick and Billy, find out that their company is closing down. Nick and Billy have been selling various products for this company by travelling and personally interacting with their customers. Due to the progression and advancement of technology, the items Nick and Billy were selling have become redundant. Unemployed and out of options, Billy goes online to find a job in sales where he
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Graham often criticizes his teammates in order to receive a better performance from them. It can be said that Graham is a bully as in the end his harsh remarks upset his teammates and they have no motivation to work and they lose the internship challenge not securing jobs at Google. Graham and his autocratic leadership skills bring his team down. Graham always ensures that his teammates are within close reach of him so that he can dictate orders and request favours from them.
A transactional leader is someone who bases their leadership on the give and take of their employees. The employer can award the employee with something of value and the employee gives the employer their services. It is a negotiation which is extremely professional as you are only communicating with each other for work purposes. There is no example of transactional leaders in the movie, The Internship.
A transformational leader is someone who changes with the times. They offer their employees the satisfaction of their higher needs which motivates them to reach the goals of the business. A transformational leader encourages the understanding of the vision and mission of the company. I think that all the leaders in the movie, The Internship are
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Often when discussing how to solve the challenge given to them the other interns in their team argue with Nick and Billy as they are well aware of new inventions and handling issues online as they do not have the ability to deal with change. Due to their different thoughts the team often is in conflict which wastes time, has no resolution and leads to teammates being angry with each other. Therefore this is dysfunctional conflict. They team manage the conflict occurred with smoothing over the problem, as the issue is ignored and the focus of the discussion is shifted to common interests. When functional conflict takes place between Billy and Nick and their teammates, it leads to great victories in the challenges such as when they were playing Qudich, the team were losing but the started playing well after they were motivated or when after arguing about what app to invent, the team relaxed and went to a night club. After they were intoxicated they invented the app that got the most
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