The Internship Reflection

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Review task
The Internship

This report will review the film, The Internship, based on the following categories such as management, leadership, creative thinking, problem solving and conflict management.
I will also discuss further on the aforementioned topics and what they are as well as reference to the topics in the movie and some visual reference to aid in my discussions one the various topics.
I will also provide a breakdown of each topic as well as provide examples of each topic from within the film, “The Internship”.

My review
Cast: Vince Vaughn (Billy McMahon), Owen Wilson (Nick Campbell), Rose Byrne(Dana), Tiya Sircar(Neha), Dylan O’Brien(Stuart), Tobit Raphael
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• An Autocratic manager is a person who uses their power to make decisions without presenting the idea to their employees e.g. this is good for making quick decisions or to control employees
• A Laissez-fair manager is a manager that believes that he/she should not interfere with the employees and should let them do their work e.g. if employees are highly skilled then one can expect excellent results.
• Transactional managers are managers that use a give-and-take system to insight employees to work harder e.g. employee of the month for the hardest working performer.
• Transformational managers use a charismatic approach to motivate his/her employees to work harder and also empowers the employees to achieve their best possible potential.
• Situational managers are managers who use all of the aforementioned management styles in situations that require a specific way of management.

Management within “The Internship”
• After Lyle gets the group of leftovers including, Billy and Nick, he gets the team together to do a meet-and-greet for the team to discuss weaknesses and strengths, and the team mocks Billy and Nick for having little
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• Resource Based Approach: using the business assets to help gain a competitive advantage.
• Balanced score card: measuring the businesses key outcomes to improve on them
Creative thinking and Problem solving in “The Internship”
• After Billy and Nick get fired, Billy decides to google for sales jobs with little skill, Billy then realises that he and Nick can work for Google and Billy then applies for an Internship for him and Nick.
• After Billy, Nick and the team get their first challenge, find a bug in a Program, Billy and Nick start to brainstorm, very far-fetched and highly unlikely ideas but still are ideas, then the rest of the team tells them to look for someone who knows the answer to the challenge.
• During the third challenge Billy and Nick see that the team is having trouble coming up with an application idea so they decide to take the team out for a night on the town to clear their heads and this idea pays off because Billy and Nicks team won the challenge. Conflict Management
Conflict management is a way of dealing with conflict between two or more

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