Summary: The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication

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Communication is best summarized as the process of exchanging information or message between two or more persons. (Nordquist, 2006) In other words, it can be understood that communication is generally a process of sharing ideas, thoughts, and feelings. During communication, we speak, listen and observe. The strength to effectively communicate at work, home and in life is probably one of the important sets of skills a person needs. According to Nordquist (2006), the effective communication or conversation happen when a sender’s message is fully understood by the receiver. There are many different models of interpersonal communication process, but here are some of the key elements, the sender or communicator which is the person who initiates a message, the receiver or interpreter whom will be the one that decoding the contents of the message given, and the feedback which given to the sender by the receiver. The importance of communication cannot be measured in the world of business and personal life. While, the effectiveness of communication can leads to communication.
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It becomes essential in our everyday life. When followed properly, it can be assured that the message sent will be received properly with the same understanding and interpretation. Although communication process seems simple, but there will be some barriers throughout the process present. Those are the factors that might have negative impact on the process of communication. But, it can be assured that if these process is being followed, and barriers is being stayed away, individuals will blossom into more effective communicators and indirectly having a more greater opportunity to become a successful person in the future. In the end, communication is very useful and helpful to produce a confident and have a conception
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