The Intolerable Act: The Boston Tea Party

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The Intolerable Act was created because of the Boston Tea Party. If you already do not know The Boston Tea Party was a group of men who illegally boarded three ships and threw thousands of pounds of tea overboard because of the Tea Act. Anyways, another name for The Intolerable Acts was “Coercive Acts”. Since the Boston Tea Party occurred Parliament was absolutely tired of the colonists actions towards these acts. The British was able to put up with certain actions, but the destruction of 342 chest of tea that belonged to the British East Indies Company twas absolutely intolerable. The Boston Harbor was closed to any sort of trade until the owners of the thousands of teas cleaned up the mess that the ‘thugs’ created. Important items such as…show more content…
The Quebec Act was a law that recognized Roman Catholic Churches as the main church of Quebec. A designated council would establish the major decisions for the colony instead of an electoral body. During the Quebec act the area was extended into the Ohio River Valley. The 13 colonies were outraged with this act because the British Crown elected land to the French that was clearly designated for the American Colonists. The expansion for tolerance to Catholics was viewed as an hostile act mainly created by the Protestant of America. The Quebec was seen as a malicious deed and that it is why it is called the Intolerable Acts. The Intolerable Acts included the Boston Port Act, Massachusetts Government act, Administration of Justice Act, and of the Quebec act. The ending product of the Intolerable Acts was it lead to the First Continental Congress that was in Philadelphia on September 4, 1774. The main consequence of the Intolerable Acts was to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party. The acts were despised by the people of Massachusetts who also gave the name the
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