The Inuit Source Analysis

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The author of the source believes that real freedom in a society can only be obtained when its citizens have a certain standard of living one that includes educated and healthy citizens who are not affected by poverty. The source emits a modern liberal or collective viewpoint that embraces the value of a society that is conscious of all the citizens and works to create a high standard of living for the society as a whole. Similarly to what John Locke believed, the author is an advocate for the protection of life, liberty and security. With education, safety and health comes freedom; freedom to grow, freedom to share and freedom to chose. With a higher standard of living comes more time for innovative products; ranging from luxury goods and…show more content…
The Inuit are a prime example of the strength a unified collective has. The Inuit way of life values a sharing of everything so they all have what they need. Food, for example, is dispersed evenly among everyone to insure that all of the citizens receive something. They would go so far as to make a giant pot of tea rather than many little ones in order to make the tea go father and insure that everyone got some. The fact that the Inuit could live in a place impossible to other people for over 5000 years proves the power of a community that strives to provide a good standard of living for every single one of its members. On their own the Inuit would not have been able to survive in such a harsh environment but united they not only survived but sometimes even thrived. Likewise, the sources ideas that a free society can only exist when its citizens have what they need are proven right by the Inuit and their collective way of…show more content…
With the education that comes with such a society there would be freedoms that run deeper than the ability to dress or act how one pleases. With this education would come the freedom to think and to make decisions that really affect the society as a whole, decisions such as choosing one's government, supporting different causes or practicing religion freely. During the French Revolution people rose up against the crown because they were not receiving the standard of living they believed they deserved. Had they been educated and cared for they might not have risen up or at the very least would have made change in a less barbaric and gruesome way.

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