The Inuit Tribe

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Have you ever had a sibling or somebody else ruin the things you were doing or the way you do things? Native Americans understand this question because it happened to them hundreds of years ago. Before the Spanish and British came to the Americas, there were almost 300,000 people in North America. These Native Americans were from Eurasia, Africa, and even Australia, and had their lives ruined by western explorers and settlements. The Native Americans were the first people in North America and likely crossed over the land bridge and split into a number of groups. I am going to compare and contrast the effects that explorers and settlements had on three of the regions where they split into tribes. The first region that I am going to compare is the Arctic and Subarctic regions. Specifically, the Inuit Tribe. The Inuit Tribe was a tribe that lived in the far north part of the Arctic. They were hunters, because they could not farm for three fourths of the year, not even in the spring. They relied heavily on hunting…show more content…
This is also the region that I have been focusing on the most. The California region is a region that extends from Northern California to the southernmost tip of the Mexican Peninsula. Unlike the Eastern Woodlands and The Arctic and Subarctic regions, Southern California is very dry and hard to live in. The natives of Southern California ate bugs, and other desert animals. Northern California was much different though. It had great amounts of trees, and was easy to farm in, while Southern California was very hard to farm in. That is why people in Southern California moved a lot. The people were hunters and fishers. They mostly built their houses out of wood, but some were straw and earth or soil. In local life, people made baskets, picked pine nuts, made kustavi, and built and played on ball courts made out of desert rocks. Some native tribes of the area are the Pomos and

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