The Invaders Analysis

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Nolasco 1 Felix Nolasco Mr. Kucharik 02/26/18 English IV The Invaders: The Battle of Limmat The Invaders, by John Flanagan, is a story that helps the meek feel like the heroes. The group is a motley crew of young men, from Hallasholm, that, against the odds, became the best crew of all the brother bands. Hal is the odd ball among them all, because of his great mind rather than fighting skills. Hal is criticized heavily, because of his Araluen lineage. Being the underdog for most his life, Hal serves as a great protagonist, for a story that portrays the the meek as the most courageous. The most treasured artifact in all of Skandia, the andomal, was stolen. The Heron Brother band, the brother band champions, were caught sleeping, when Zavac stole the andomal. The Heron, the ship…show more content…
Although they seem as barbarians to the outside world, they are followers of democratic values and are allowed to vote in the rulers. The concept of a civilized society in the harsh and barely livable land of Skandia is a testament to the advancement of society as a whole. While the leader is elected, the ones who hold power are the accomplished warriors and those that captain their own ships. Since the women bear the warriors, the women are seen much like the spartan women. The wives of the warriors are held in high regard and are respected for keeping the house while the men are fighting, working, or have already departed to the afterlife. Nolasco 4 John Flanagan all together created a world that far exceeds any other book series that I have read. He has created a world of fantasy that also hold some truth. He has made the worlds of both the rangers and the Seawolves, and has brought them together in spectacular fashion. The trials that each individual must overcome is remarkable to the reader who may be facing similar problems or are confused on what to do
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