What Is The Theme Of The Invalid's Short Story

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Bicard Peighton Bicard Hensley English 11/ Fifth Period 28 February 2018 Part 12: Rough Draft #1 “ A hale, hearty man two short years ago.” A brief description of the Short Story, “The Invalid’s”. It first talks about his sickness and health from the very beginning of the story to the very end and how him and his health changes. His best friend Hackett has died and Hackett’s father had asked him to bring Hackett’s body back to Wisconsin from Ohio which was a very long drive, so he decides to ride on a train to Wisconsin, he put his body in a pine box and puts it on the train and ends up getting it mixed up with another pine box and ends up getting a box of rifles. Before the train leaves the station a stranger puts Limburger cheese on top of the corpse, which throughout the rest of the story is about the horrible smell, the…show more content…
The topics in which have been discussed is his health and sickness from the beginning to the end and how he was healthy in the beginning to dying in the end from the Typhoid fever. I have also talked about how he is nice and tried to take his best friends body to Wisconsin from Ohio to his father. In order to get him there he would have to send him off on a train but instead things did not go down as how he assumed it would. The odor of the cheese got so bad they tried so many techniques to get rid of it. He never got his bestfriends Hackett’s body to his father because the narrator also ended up dying. The way this story relates to the society is because in this story he made a big mistake that he could not help. In life people make mistakes and sometimes you can fix it and sometimes you just have to deal with the mistake that happen and just hope for the best and sometimes the mistake that has been made is not so bad after all but it was bad for him because it killed him. You never know what is going to happen in the mean
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