The Invention Of Hugo Cabret Analysis

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George Melies said in the film “Hugo” that, “I would recognize the sound of a movie projector anywhere.”(Hugo). People watch films nearly all the time nowadays, but only few still remember the history of cinema. How it began, or how it created those effects of enchanted stories. Based on a novel released on 2007, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, the film “Hugo” contains historical interpretation on the nearly forgotten art in times of economic hardship and damage of war to people. Using the enchanted fantasy style, Martin Scorsese brought back the history of the film to the young people in the presents that need to remember how all dreams of film started. This family friendly fantasy 3D film directed by Martin Scorsese, “Hugo”, efficiently presents to the viewers the wonder of early cinema and its origin, dream, even though some lack of skill in story telling. “Hugo” tells a story of a sentimental orphan boy Hugo Cabret, left on his own when his drunken guardian wonders off. Living in a secret musty world of gears and shadowy passageways that only few even know it exists. Hugo spends his time maintaining the clocks at the train station while simultaneously avoiding the station inspector and working on restoring a mysterious automaton that his father once strived to repair. His life remains monotonous, until he finally gets caught by George Melies for stealing some gears. As time goes on, Hugo becomes involved with George Melies when he is accused of theft and has a cherished
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