Hugo Cabret Analysis

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George Melies said in the film “Hugo” that, “I would recognize the sound of a movie projector anywhere.”(Hugo). People watch films nearly all the time nowadays, but only few still remember the history of cinema. How it began, or how it created those effects of enchanted stories. Based on a novel released on 2007, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, the film “Hugo” contains historical interpretation on the nearly forgotten art in times of economic hardship and damage of war to people. Using the enchanted fantasy style, Martin Scorsese brought back the history of the film to the young people in the presents that need to remember how all dreams of film started. This family friendly fantasy 3D film directed by Martin Scorsese, “Hugo”, efficiently presents…show more content…
Production design, flower shops, café, toys George Melies sells, costumes, and the equipment people uses all demonstrated the time setting convincingly to the viewers. Additionally, the cinematographic style and sound track all collaborated well in this film. Using the accordion in the soundtrack it enhanced the Parisian style of the film. Continuing, the lightning and the color of the production design created an effect of fairy tale world, and with the tracking shot cinematographer decided to use on Hugo, made the viewer experience what Hugo experience in the film. However, the duration time of the film was long and slightly tedious at some points. For example, most of the time in the film it mainly focus on big and small events that happens in Hugo’s life, which makes the viewer feel monotonous especially having Asa Butterfield with his non-enthusiastic acting. Editors could have cut out some scene where Hugo spies at the people at the station or he walks around the tunnel, for less time duration preventing tedious moments. Even though Martin Scorsese made some mistakes in time duration and some acting, the film had a great quality in cinematography, production design, and
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