The Invention Of Social Media In The 21st Century

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One of the most appreciated innovations in the 21st century is the invention of social media. Its pick up was slow at first until the inventions of smartphones came about. As the growth of smartphone users increased, the number of social media users also increased. This reduced the whole world to a palm sized screen, accessible by millions then billions around the world. The effects of social media have truly been felt over the years as it has helped to create numerous online campaigns that have changed countless lives. The spread of social media can be attributed to the freedom these platforms give for people to air out their thoughts and views on various societal and cultural matters. Communication has always been the way of resolving issues amongst ourselves and social media provided such an easy platform to do so. What encouraged even more users to join various social media platform is the fact that signing up is totally free; you only need an internet connection to access it.

Social media has revolutionized so many aspects of this world. In journalism, social media changed the way we receive our news. News in social media spreads faster than in any traditional form. The presence of smartphone cameras has really helped a lot in the spreading of information. Anyone with a smartphone camera has the power to report events that are happening real time. Users upload videos of these events which can be seen before any news network officially airs it. Social media has become
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