The Inventions Of Maria Beasley's Life On The Titanic

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Introduction: Today, I want to share about Maria Beasley who was a housewife, dressmaker, and inventor. We can all imagine the scene at the end of the Titanic movie where Rose is slowly letting go of Jacks hand saying, “I’ll never let go, Jack. I promise.” ( One of Maria Beasley’s inventions, that I will talk about soon, helped save many lives on the Titanic. Not much information is found about Maria’s life, but that she was born in Philadelphia and held many jobs including a dressmaker. I would like to help make Maria Beasley known for all to know. (Established Credibility) According to R. Eric Thomas (2017), Senior Writer at, prior to Maria’s re-invented life raft, people were holding on to planks of wood. Maria Beasley re-invented the raft by presenting guardrails and metal floats. She saves millions of lives. (Thesis) Although an 1880’s census listed Maria Beasley as an unemployed housewife, that has since changed in the Chicago listing to as a successful inventor and business woman. (Preview of Main Points) I will inform you on as much information I can gather about Maria Beasley and a couple of inventions that include the raft, barrel-hoop driving machine, and foot warmers.
I. Maria Beasley lived the life as a businessperson. She was born in Philadelphia who had fourteen different patents. One of her inventions were the re-invented life-saving raft.
a) Maria was the inventor of the raft which saved lives in a

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