The Invisible Thread Personal Response

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Dear Mrs.Schroff, After reading your book The Invisible thread I felt inspired to help a person in need. Your book made me take another look at life and think what could I do to help the people around me? What you did for Maurice was inspirational. You helped a kid you barely knew and you were able to provide and to care for a child almost like he was your own. Your book also shows that the idioms we never payed attention to as children really is the foundation and is the fundamental truth about life. Living in New York I see many homeless people begging for money. They may have animals they care for or they might be by themselves men and women. Even Though Maurice wasn’t homeless, he acted and was treated like he was homeless. All my time…show more content…
Don’t look. Don’t stop keep walking. But after reading your book it makes me think “what’s their story. What forced them to sit on the sidewalk in New York city and beg for money?” “Was it because of drugs? Was it because of a terrible incident? What could drive a person to be desperate enough to sit on a street and beg for money?” Looking back at your book it makes me think “What could I do to help a person in need out?” You helped Maurice a child you barely knew by just buying him a lunch. Such a small act of kindness led to such amazing events and a new friendship. Looking at that small act of kindness blossom into a great friendship. It makes me think “what can I do to help a person/the people around me?” Also something else that interested me was that Maurice returned that friendship. For example, when you went to The Bryant to ask his mother to give you permission to take him to the Mets game. Maurice specifically told you “you have to promise me you’ll never go back there” and you realized “he was just protecting me.” (Schroff,66) If Maurice wasn’t your friend and he didn’t care he would have just let you go to the Bryant as many times as you wanted. Not caring if you get hurt,
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