The Iron Plate In The Great Pyramids

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The Iron Plate
Colonel Howard Vyse, John Perring and James Mash; investigated the Great Pyramids in Egypt and had planned/engineered many explosions. This artifact was the artifact of what was to be described of by George Sandy more than 200 years before.This piece of iron seemed to be the “oldest piece of iron known to man.” The piece of iron was found in the Great Pyramids of Gizeh, in Egypt. The Iron Plate was about 26 cm long, 8.6 cm wide, and .4 cm in thickness. Plate weighed 750 Grams in total. The plate also seemed to be black. The significance in this artifact is that it is seemed to be “the steel known to man.” That is huge because it seemed to be years and years before what was thought of at the time. The iron seemed to be left in the Great Pyramids so that it could not be asserted.

The artifact comes from the Great Pyramids. Some have theories that the Rock was placed deep in the pyramids on purpose to hide it. A theory is that one of Vyse’s men put in charge of many of the explosions found the rock a month before and hid it from everyone else. Also, others say that iron seemed to make it there a bit more modern making it not as old and this made Hill think it was there the whole time. Many doubts due to its rarity currently, but many key factors seem to be very precise. The iron plate was found at the southern chamber of the king’s the pyramid. The pyramid of Gizah to be exact. The piece of slab was then examined and studied by professor Pitre and he discovered

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