Islamic Culture Research Paper

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Islamic Culture
The culture of Islam is not an accepting, loving, and harmonious environment that many people say it’s core values call it to be. Islamic values are far from loving and accepting, most of it is exclusive and segregated. The Islamic Holy Book, The Quran, has many violent and unjust commands for Muslims that has created very a male-dominant, abusive culture. The way women are being treated in these Islamic countries is brutal and they are being completely dehumanized. But not only women, anybody who does not follow the Islamic laws or is of another faith gets one choice, die or convert to Islam. The familiar statement “Islam is a religion of peace” makes it seem as if the culture of Islam is meant to be naturally peaceful and
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Any person who is outside the Islamic faith or does not follow the Islamic law, is in danger of torture, abuse, and very often, death. “But if they turn back (from Islam), take (hold) of them and kill them wherever you find them” (Quran 4:89). The context of this verse explains that those who have faith are to be fully submitted to the teachings of Muhammad and those who turn their back from Islam should be executed. Turning their back could be anything. For example, a woman is not allowed to be educated past a certain point or age in most places in the Middle East. If a mother is caught educating herself or her child past a certain age, they both may be subject to death. This is the law that groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS are taking into full effect by executing women from around the world. The same outcome is promised for people outside of the faith like Christian Missionaries. There have been a redundant amount of Christians who have been executed by peacefully sharing God’s love with others. Now, there are more options besides execution. A non-muslim has three choices; convert to Islam, live in a permanent subjugation under Muslim domination, or die. The same punishments of torture, death or both are identical for people who are homosexual or are involved with sexual activity among two unmarried individuals (excluding intercourse between a man…show more content…
There are roughly 109 verses in the Quran that speak of violence and war on non-believers and they are extremely graphic and specific. This excludes all of the passages that talk about abusing women, torture, and forced conversion. Many violent scriptures include decapitating non-believers and christians who stand against the Islamic faith or torturing to the point of death. There have been arguments against the Bible on how there are verses stated that have open-ended violence commands that could be misinterpreted as commands to kill and destroy. But if you read into the context, it is not what many people would assume it to be. Our God is a charismatic God that calls the Christian culture to be the same; loving and accepting. The problem is not bad people, but a bad ideology that is forced upon people by popular culture. I believe most people have God-given morals and to some extent, care about others. We are born the way God made intended us to be and it is society that warps our minds. Islam is a destructive culture that warps minds into believing that these things are right. Now this is only true for those who have chosen to take the entire Quran to heart and let it play out in their lives. I believe that if these young men who are fighting for ISIS were put into another culture at a young age, a culture of love and acceptance, they would never become how they are today no matter what
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