The Islamic Culture: The Culture Of Islam

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Islamic Culture The culture of Islam is not an accepting, loving, and harmonious environment that many people say it’s core values call it to be. Islamic values are far from loving and accepting, most of it is exclusive and segregated. The Islamic Holy Book, The Quran, has many violent and unjust commands for Muslims that has created very a male-dominant, abusive culture. The way women are being treated in these Islamic countries is brutal and they are being completely dehumanized. But not only women, anybody who does not follow the Islamic laws or is of another faith gets one choice, die or convert to Islam. The familiar statement “Islam is a religion of peace” makes it seem as if the culture of Islam is meant to be naturally peaceful and the radicals like the Taliban or ISIS are just groups that have the Quran confused but the Quran clearly supports the actions of radicals does not condone peace at large. Islam translated into English is literally “submission.” This means all Muslims must submit to every Law of Allah. Women get the worst of it all. The Quran states that all women are inferior to men in every way and must submit to them. There are hundreds of restrictions and laws women must obey to ensure their own safety from brutal punishment. Women must cover their hair when traveling outside the home for the purpose of keeping men’s sexual desires at bay. This is because women are to take responsibility for unlawful sexual encounters and could be subject to stoning.

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