The Island Archetype

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The Island archetype throughout literature I was listening to my friend talking about a TV show called Prison Break. I listened to her unenthusiastic voice talk about how sour frowns cover men’s faces as if they were waiting for death. I’ve never been to a jail before, so I was amazed by how lonely a person can feel when they are being separated from the rest of society. A person becomes so quiet and secretive that they begin to look like a little kid hiding from their mom because they did something bad. I started to realize that being isolated from the rest of the world can change your personality. As I continue to listen, my mind starts wandering to islands. It was the most strangest and outrageous thought.…show more content…
This will lead us to our final conclusion in deciding if the island archetype has stayed the same over big periods of time. In the article Island and transformation: An archetype pattern in Western literature, it states, "The typical island story involves a character in many, if not all, of the following: removal to a remote island; awakening to, and taking stock of, strange surroundings; initial setbacks followed by increasing adaptation; spiritual, emotional, or psychological growth due specifically to island experiences; a climactic event which challenges growing feelings of wholeness; and escape and return to the home society in a much-altered state” (Federenko 1). This quotation explains what common stories that involve the island archetype have in common and what patterns they share. It indicates that the island archetype is a strange place that one hasn’t been to. This connects back to the idea that the island archetype increases emotional thoughts, yet the island archetype can cause mental changes too. The island archetype causes a character to become adaptive with its surroundings because of the connection to nature that can happen. In the story of the the Odyssey, it says that, "Yet, it is true, each day I long for home, long for the sight of home" (Homer Book 5 lines 85-86). Like I talked about Chuck and his emotional connection with Wilson, Odysseus has the same emotional connection with his homeland. Odysseus wishes to be be of the island and be back with his family. Eventually, after facing the reality of being alone, it come down to returning home. This concludes that the interpretation of the island archetype and how is connect emotionally has stayed the same throughout the
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