The Island Of Dr Moreau Quotes

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The Creator Who Took No Credit When one imagine monsters they think of King Kong climbing to the top of the Empire State building and Godzilla 's feet swaying down upon New York City, however we fail to remember the monster that hides away in the comfort of knowing no one would recognize his evil at first glance very much like Dr. Moreau. The monster inside the man, evilness tucked away in skin like children that have been tucked into their beds. The beasts on The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G Wells may be the uglier of the people on the island, however the real monster on the island is Dr. Moreau for his control of the beasts, experimentation and frank disregard for taking responsibility of the beasts, make him the true monster of the novel. In The Island of Dr. Moreau the first horrors of Dr. Moreau are seen within the mangled, disfigured bodies of the beast people who have been cast aside, never having met Dr. Moreau’s lengthy expectations, which are presented in the lines . These animals are forced to endure days of suffering and pain while in the so-called house of pain, we even are witness to the Puma’s pain inside the house of pain in the quote “It was if all the pain in the world had found a voice” ( Wells, 26) This line not only incapacitates the horrendous nature of the room but, also the pain man who…show more content…
While the beasts on the island may have been ugly, scary and every other negative adjective you could think of, they no more asked for it than the other unlucky patients of Dr. Moreau. The beasts on the island were simply the victims of a monster, casualties of his evilness. The island of Dr. Moreau tears away the image that the monsters are always the ugliest, the beasts that walk on all four. The novel puts the evilness of man on every reader 's mind, Moreau’s nature reminds us that human can put forth more damage into the world while at the same time stepping back and refusing to even claim it was their idea in the first
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