The Island Of The Sirens Analysis

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What is a civilization? According to, a civilization is described as “an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached.” So, in this essay, the reader will look forward to learning about the fictional civilization of the Island of the Sirens from the Odyssey as well as the historical civilization of ancient Egypt. The section of the Island of the Sirens offers a broad description of the civilization going into what makes them a civilization and the creatures present in this folklore. The section over Ancient Egypt offers a broad description over their civilization while also diving into their religious practices, political structures, artistic and literary…show more content…
Ancient Egypt was considered a polytheistic civilization; meaning that they worshipped multiple deities. Each god had a specific function in the universe. For instance, a god named Amun was considered the god of the wind. He apparently combined with the sun god, Ra, to become more powerful entity known as Amun Ra. But in whole, every god they worshipped “explained the universe as they knew it.” Meanwhile the Pharaoh, or “God King,” was considered the divine ruler by the gods over humanity. This tradition of serving the gods would impact the religious rites, rituals, and festivals for over 3,000 years. (Religion in Ancient…show more content…
Hieroglyphics described the writing on the walls using pictures as symbols. Oe of the greatest pieces of literature that came about back in that time was the Great Hymn to Aten. “...this hymn celebrates the sun as creator and sustainer of the world and emphasizes the close connection between the god and his human counterparts.” (Norton, 26) Even though its related to their religion, I still feel that this message to the god Aten was very influential to there literary works. When people today first hear ‘Egypt,’ they automatically begin to think about their architectural productions. The main ones that come to mind are the pyramids. They were used as a great burial place for each pharaoh. And as there was a new pharaoh appointed, production on there burial place began. Now, that’s not the only thing that the ancient Egyptians were known for. Other architectural masterpieces included magnificent monuments as well as tombs for the gods. With this, you can see many comparisons between the both fictional and historical civilizations. Although the sirens do not depict a true civilization, there were still similarities between them and the ancient Egyptians. Both had a way for conquering those who were in there way whether it was people passing by or invading their country. Also, both had languages used to articulate with one

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