The Isle Of Koko Play Analysis

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My play is an adventure play.

The title of the play is “The Isle of Koko”.

The play takes place on a Sunday afternoon on January 14, 1973.

The play takes place in the Isle of Koko.

The three characters are strained on an island called “The Isle of Koko” because there ship crashed.

5. There are going to be three characters in my play.

6. When the ship crashed and they became strained on the isle. The three main characters have to work together to figure out a way to get off the isle.

7. The three main characters will learn how to trust one other and befriend each other.

8. The major problem of my play is that they all are having a hard time to work with each other because two of the characters were enemies before their trip to Africa. To reach the climax they are either going to work together or work against each other.

9. In the beginning of the play the three main character wake up because when they crashed they became unconscious.
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In the middle of the play the two characters are in the forest of the isle gathering resources. While they are in the forest, they had a conversation about their jobs and started to get along. Now they find all the resources they need, so they went make to the base. When they went back they still talk about their occupation and they realized that their jobs shouldn’t get in the way of their friendship. When they went back they used rocks to make a SOS signal and a bunch of wood to make a fire.

11. The climax of the story is that there was an airplane that flew across the island. So they tried their best to get their attention but it didn’t work.

12. In the end of the play everyone is at their base and failed to contact the airplane’s pilots. After that their hope dialed down and everyone was depress. Even though that happened the leader of the group tried to cheer them up and think of the good side. Everyone feels a lot better but not great, now everyone is laying down in the sand and looking at the
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