The Issues Of Human Nature In The 21st Century

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The issues of human nature and the place of the human in the society and in the cosmos have been replaced due to development and creation of new technologies, which made the life of a person completely different than it has been, for example, in the beginning of 20th century. The 21st century can be called the “digital era” and it has been growing fast, shaping the lives of new generations, as well as popular concepts and views on the world. The power of digital culture has increased and started influencing the sub-cultures, which appeared around new technologies, as well as it started defining the way a person should live, and predetermining the way in which human nature might be conceived in the next generations. Digital era may seem as an enormous progress to the human kind, but in the long-run view “digital era” is a distractive tool for people in terms of self-identity. Digital era shapes the meaning of what it is like to be a human in terms of nature and the person itself. With unexpected and rapid progress, people started losing an understanding of who they are in the world. New technologies interfere and create ideas in people’s minds without the acknowledgement of the later. In the new digital era, computers (in its widest sense of the word) are an essential part of the life that simplifies it in all the possible ways. Therefore, a person’s mind gives in to these simplifications and results in a mind’s incapability to think on its own, subconsciously forcing people
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