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Rosie was the ‘it’ girl. From a small town, her best friend Maddie, more of a tomboy than anything else, and Ryan her gay best friend. The trio spent their days drinking beer at field parties, shopping on weeknights, and trip to the beach on lazy afternoons. With the start of junior year, they were ready to kick back and relax. Maddie was back from her soccer / science, camp in Spain, and she was looking like a total bomb shell. Gone were her boy shorts and frizzy hair, and hello to perfectly straight blonde hair, short-shorts, and some flip flops. The pretty girl and her sidekick, turned into two hotties, and Rosie did not like the competition. Relying on her looks for everything, from tips at Dairy Queen, form bonuses from her night manager, now she must…show more content…
Lucky that things that night did not go worst. Lucky that Maddie had a brain unlike other girls in this situation. Lucky that of all the pretty girls, smart girls, girls with real personality at her school, Alex saw something in her, that even she did not know was there. Over all Maciel wrote the story of Rosemary Fuller, a truly lucky girl. The true star of the novel was Maddie, as where Maciel could of wrote her as the crazy girl with no bounds, she gave Maddie not only a brain but a heart as well. Rosie on the other hand, not such of a nice character. She is what you expect; the pretty girls who knows it and flaunts it everywhere. She flips her hair, laugh at the jocks jokes, and slept with half the football team without being labeled as a slut. But Maciel lets us see the volunteered side to Rosie, the one that she tries to hide, yet is forced out of her by Alex. A story about how sexual abuse, friendship, and high school dramas can change a girl’s life, and not always in the wrong way, as throughout this horrible time, Rosie grows closer with her family, Alex, and maybe even herself

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