The Jack Pine Tom Thomson Analysis

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The Jack Pine

The jack pine is a beautiful piece of artwork painted by the famous Canadian artist Tom Thomson. Throughout all of his artwork in history this is the most known art piece and personally I think it is the most interesting one, from the brush strokes to the brilliant choice of colors. The jack pine is a masterpiece that all Canadians should know.

The painting is of a jack pine tree that is distinctly known to live in eastern North America. Have you ever seen how unique and beautiful it is? I’ve only seen the 30-72 foot tree in photos and paintings. In the background of the painting are mountains. Everyday you can see the mountains so that part of the picture really reminds me of Canada. Tom Thomson was known to be a part of the
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The medium was oil paint on a canvas, which had a good a effect on the tree. In grade 6 my class was shown a picture of the jack pine for landscape painting inspiration, once I saw it the image got stuck in my head. The colors collaborated where very interesting and the tree looked so realistic. Canadians should really know this famous piece because its transforming. Its’ so unique, I never heard about oil painting on a canvas until I researched further on about this piece. The sunset in a background looks exactly like most of the sunsets here in Calgary. This piece has a lot of simple parts of it that are a lot like Canada.

If you search up Tom Thompson’s paintings most of the pictures that come up are the jack pine painting. There are some pictures of it that have transformed it and made it different colors and shapes. The group of seven painted mostly outdoors which I personally like but some of the pictures are too bland and don’t remind me of the place they painted. The Jack Pine is known for the technique that was used to make it.

Tom Thomson was an artist that had true talent. The jack pine is the painting that showed most of his talent and reminds me of Canada. I believe that The Jack Pine painting should be the most known art piece made in
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