The Jazz Age In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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During the 1920’s, a period of time known as the jazz age, was also called the roaring twenties, has been released. The Jazz age happened when the wealth of the America and how it was in its major, in front of the disaster and the stock market crash and also Great Depression. The Jazz Age carried information from writes, musicians, and female suffrage leaders brainwashing dissimilar classes of population culture. Jazz was also made up in the twentieth century by a social group of African Americans musicians who were from New Orleans. Recorded far and near the 1920’s, “The Great Gatsby”, word for word stands in for enough and dishonest trust in all respects of that time. All the vibes, strengths, and ideas of “The Great Gatsby”, clearly…show more content…
The society were fetching more lavish and which they were strained to money oriented things. F. Scot Fitzgerald showed how much the people that was in the Jazz Age was in his novel, which was the Great Gatsby. Mr. Gatsby has a huge party one time in a week at his home. Many people from all over New York City have came to have a part and be apart of the festivities. There was only a few that was selected and were actually given casual invitations and they were from Gatsby himself and had to attend all these parties. Anybody else who had showed up at the party was was not invited to be there. “People were not invited.” They had showed up there and Mr. Gatsby has so much money that he didn 't even think about nor care if they even showed up anymore to even drink his alcohol, ate all his food and mess his house up and trash it, nor used his lawn. In Mr. Gatsby blue garden that he had, men and girls came in and out like ants with the whispering and also the wine and the stars. The people that left out to Gatsby’s parties are the ame as moths by the reason for as long the parties are going on and it fun and interesting, they all go to Gatsby’s house. Meanwhile when the fun ends and the party isn 't as fun with less people came to them and the people that got invited just showed up at the party due to all
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