The Jazz Age

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The beginning of evolving into a modern day woman started during the Roaring Twenties. Prior to the Roaring Twenties, women would usually wear long skirts that went down to their ankles, and would never be allowed to show skin in public. Thus, it was frowned upon dressing any differently. Consequently speaking, when jazz music was introduced into the culture of women, the aspects of traditional women soon would vanish. Jazz was introduced to the common women during the 20th century when speakeasies opened up. Speakeasies were places where women could be themselves without feeling any resentment and break away from the social barriers portrayed on women. When women would go to speakeasies, they would smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and would…show more content…
Being the first of its kind, jazz was a new sound that peaked people's interest, especially the younger generations of people. Although there have been numerous names affiliating with this time period, F. Scott Fitzgerald coined the term “Jazz Age” during this time period, which is the most common name for this time period (Spanner). Known as “one of America's original art forms”(“Popular Jazz and Swing: America’s Original Art Form”), Jazz had an impact on cities all over the country, especially in New Orleans, Louisiana. The heart and soul of jazz can be found in New Orleans. When jazz was introduced into American culture, it increased to other cities at a rapid rate where other musical traditions continued to redefine and mold jazz music (Shumsky). “Jazz gained respect from from literary figures and classical musicians”(“Jazz Exacerbates Racial Tension”). When new music is created, artists are to come along. One artist who was the face of the of jazz was Louis Armstrong. “Louis Armstrong is commonly credited with establishing certain core features of jazz – particularly its rhythmic drive or swing and its emphasis on solo instrumental virtuosity”(Shumsky). He was an influence to everyone around the country and then began to create an increase in mainstream popular singing during this time period (“Popular Jazz and Swing: America’s Original Art Form”). When speakeasies opened during prohibition, people who were jazz players would be frontliners because of the demand for jazz music. People from everywhere acknowledge jazz music, and has still found a way to be in our music today. Kendrick Lamar is a perfect example, in his most recent album To Pimp A Butterfly, “There’s half a jazz band present at all times” (Jenkins). He is one of the few people that attach jazz music into their daily harmony when creating music. Although

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