The Jazz-Blues Motif In Sonny's Blues By James Baldwin

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Music interconnects with all different individuals it does not matter what age, race, or financial status an individual may be. In the short story, Sonny’s Blues, a story that takes place in Harlem. It is about two brothers, the narrator, and Sonny, with a rocky relationship and both, are going through a serious drama individually. In Sonny’s Blues, music is portrayed as the key element that unites the relationship of the two brothers. Music is this short story affected the narrator and Sonny so many different ways. For instance, Sonny has the ability to release his worries and sorrows while he is into his music. He is able to express himself through his music.
Music also gives Sonny the will power to escape for his heroin addicted. Sonny and his brother never meet eye to eye because of the fact that Sonny had always wanted to end making a career out of performing jazz. In the article, “Troubled reading: 'Sonny's blues' and empathy,” Kowalska, explores Sonny’s Blue, in depth. One of the main key points that she brings up is that the brothers were never close. She
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Richard states, “… blues are considered to be a reflection of and a release from the suffering that has been endured…” (Albert). In this quote, he explains that music gives Sonny the power to express his daily struggle. In which helps Sonny release all his troubles. In the article, "James Baldwin's Vision of Otherness in 'Sonny's Blues' and Giovanni's Room," Bieganowski, hits the target on the topic of how the two brothers bonded through music. Bieganowski, states,“Brother deepen his sense of self when he finds room inside for Sonny and his trouble.” In this quote, Bieganowski points out Sonny’s brother finally see Sonny for who he is and connect with him on a much deeper level by understanding Sonny struggles that he is going

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