The Jealousy Of Cain And Abel In The Hebrew Bible

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The story of Cain and Abel is a well-known story of the Hebrew Bible. A story of jealousy between the sons of Adam and Eve. The eldest son, Cain, a tiller of soil while his brother Abel became a herder of sheep. When the time came to bring forth offering before the Lord, Cain presents the fruits of the land and Abel choice of firstling of his flock. While Abel receives regard from the Lord for his offerings, Cain does not. The Lord tells him to focus on overruling the sin that lays in wait for him. Jealousy clouding his thoughts and heart, Cain kills Abel in a field and proceeds to lie to the Lord when asked of his whereabouts. The Lord curses him to a life of wandering, although in an act of mercy the Lord marks Cain so that whoever finds
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