The Jim Crow Laws

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Rough Draft Research Paper Have you thought about how life would be in the 1920s? And how hard it was for those who were segregated. During this time laws were put into place, they were called the Jim Crow Laws. The Jim crow Laws enforced segregation on many people and made an impact on daily lives The Jim Crow laws came together after the civil war and started to cause more segregation.“These were called Jim Crow Laws, after a stereotypical black character in a derogatory song in a nineteenth-century southern minstrel show” ( George 9). This is why the Jim Crow Laws were named, the way they are. The populist group co-operated with the poor whites to help the blacks, but that then ended up leading to the Jim Crow laws. The Jim Crow laws were made to keep people natural and calm( Alexander 30-35). The populist thought that they were doing something was right,but ended leading up to the Jim Crow Laws.The people thought that the laws were going to make everyone calm and peaceful, but it made people of race mad and some whites mad. “ By the late 1870s, “Jim Crow” laws were reappearing throughout the South and North, separating people by race transportation, housing, public accommodations, education, and nearly every other sphene of society” (Wright 372). During this time, it was the start when many people were getting segregated. Many people all over the world are segregated for race, culture, religion, and more.“ Not until the mid-twentieth-century, however, would the
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