The Jim Crow Laws

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Jim Crow Laws According to the article “Nat Turner Revisited,” it says, “Each of us, helplessly and forever, contains the other- male in female, white in black, and black in white. We are apart of each other” ( “Nat” 14). African Americans continuously had many struggles after the Civil War ended in 1865. After President Abraham Lincoln legalized the Emancipation Proclamation, slavery ended, freeing African Americans. When discussing the importance of the Jim Crow laws, it’s important to understand the definition of the laws, the history behind the laws, and the effect these laws had on today’s segregation issues. There have been many events over the past decades dealing with segregation and it’s something America still has. Over decades, whites have had supremacy in all aspects of government. Jim Crow laws just a term, which actually came from the North at the time. These laws are a series of laws and ordinances that were passed by southern states and municipalities from 1817 to 1965 that legalized segregation ( Tischauser 1). Segregation or “ de jure segregation”, which was the slang used during this time, is defined as the legal separation by race of Americans ( Tischauser xi). The fight against the Jim Crow laws began in the courts and then moved to the streets, and was then brought to the attention of Congress(Tischauser xiv). These laws separated Americans by race legally in 26 states (Tischauser xi). For most of history, these laws had the
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