The Jim Crow Laws

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Beginning in the 1890s southern states passed a wide variety of Jim Crow laws that mandated racial segregation and separation in public facilities. Under the Jim Crow laws, blacks in southern states suffered from a system of discrimination which invaded every part of their lives. They were denied voting rights, they constantly encountered discrimination in housing and employment. When using public facilities like pools, they would have to use the colored only pools while the whites used the whites only pool. The blacks had colored bars and restaurants and the whites had their own. Separate but equal. Before a raft of Jim Crow laws were passed at the end of the nineteenth century, a combination of habit, customs, and a handful of laws effectively separated the races. Black Georgians moved to create their own local establishments in the wake of the civil war. Such as black churches. However, segregation occurred because of efforts made by the whites to protect their racial privilege. To limit the freedoms blacks gained as a result of the emancipation and the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments, state legislators passed laws segregating schools in 1872. Local custom also further segregated blacks and whites as well as forbidding interracial marriage. In the 1890s, events further reinforced the notions of white supremacy. The widespread belief of scientific racism and the results of the Spanish American War, contributed to the development of a more pervasive system of racial
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