The Jinnee And Aladdin

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The story of The Jinnee and The Fisherman and Aladdin have many similarities and differences. Both of these stories are from A Thousand And One Nights and have been with us for a long time. While people who have seen Aladdin might want a genie, those who have read The Jinnee And The Fisherman would probably say otherwise. Not everything is as it seems, these stories teach you to think before you act. The story of Aladdin takes place in Agrabah. Aladdin was a street-rat. He was a thief. Even though he was a thief he only stole to survive. He had nothing going for him in life until the sultan’s vizier Jaffar tricked Aladin into getting the magic lamp for him. Aladdin ends up with the lamp and you meet genie. the genie in this story is kind…show more content…
this story is about a fisherman who only cast his net four times a day. On the first time he catches a dead donkey, then a jar of dirt, and then a pile of bones and broken glass. On the last time he cast his net he pulled up a copper lamp with a lead seal. When he removes the seal the jinnee comes out. the jinnee in this story is massive, with flaming eyes huge hands and feet, and ravenous teeth. the jinnee states that since the fisherman freed his only wish is to chose the manner of his death and when the jinnee will kill him. The fisherman cries out “spare me and Allah shall spare you, kill me and Allah shall kill you”. The jinnee doesn't heed his warning and continues to try and kill the man. Cleverly the fisherman trapps the jinnee in the bottle and throws him back in the ocean. both of these stories seem different but they do share some common themes. Both of these stories have genies/jinnee(s). Also these both take place towards the Middle East. In Aladdin, agrabah is ruled by a sultan. in The Jinee And The Fisherman, the region is ruled by a king. In Aladdin, Aladdin tricks Jaffar into becoming a genie so he can trap him into the lamp. In The Jinnee And The Fisherman, the fisherman tricks the jinnee into getting trapped into the lamp that way the jinnee can’t kill him. These stories both have the common themes of supernatural powers and Karma (do good and good will happen to you, do bad and bad will happen to
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