The Joad In John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

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Grapes of Wrath

From the Red country to the “great” land of California the Joads took on a whole new life. During their travels they encountered many hardships and accomplishments, trying to find a place to live and grow as a family. Nothing comes easy to the Joads, they have worked for everything they have, they never gave up. “Woman can change better’n a man,” Ma tells Pa. “Woman got all her life in her arms. Man got it all in his head.” (Chapter 28 Pg. ). The man tend to overthink things and tend to psych themselves out. In the Joad family the women tend to be in the best state of mind when it comes to hardships.

“The owners of the land come onto the land or more often a spokesman for the owners came.” (Chapter 5 Pg. 31). The first hardship you see is when the Joads are told that they need to move and get off the land. Where were they supposed to go? How would they get the money to move? “If a bank or a finance company owned the land the owner mane said, The Bank or the Company needs, wants, insist, must have, as though the Bank or Company were a monster with thought and feeling, which had ensured them.” (Chapter 5 Pg. 31). They came to take their land no warning, no heads up, they were getting replaced by tractors. Why have five people working when
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“Listen to the motor. Listen to the wheels. Listen with your ears and with your hands on the steering wheel; listen with the palm of your hand on the gear-shift lever; listen with your feet on the floor boards.” (Chapter 12 Pg. 119). The Joads had one vehicle that had to get them to california and around there. They didn’t have the money to waste on another car that was better. When they had to give some of their money up to put into the truck they knew that it wasn't going to be a waste. The men knew that in order to make it to California safe they need to pull through and hold their own
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