Importance Of Job Analysis

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Job analysis is the process of gathering and analyzing data about the job and the human requests of jobs like education qualifications and experiences needed , abilities required to perform a job, obligations and tasks involved, also physical and emotional characteristics required for that job, this process is used to decide the post of the employee. Also job analysis allows parts to find paths of job progress for employees who are interested in improving their chances for a better career and increasing reward and salary, a good collection of data and job analysis also help to increase the company level. The organization usually use job analysis in order to control the physical prerequisites of the work to figure out if a person who has endured…show more content…
We can realize the idea with the help of this example. If a sales manager have to analyze, the earliest and main thing would be to know the value of this job. The following stage is to analyze whether the one can bring out what is predictable for him. It also supports the decision that the company take in knowing if this person is perfect for this…show more content…
HR directors must explain all the process correctly so that personnel give their care to the job. The stage also involves preparation of documents, questionnaires, interviews and feedback forms. However there are numerous methods of gathering job analysis information the company can choose the one or more than one technique depends on the needs. Usually, all the methods concentrate on gathering the essential employment related data, but when the company use both ways of analysis it may carry out the hidden data that give the company a big opportunities to give the occupation to the right personal.
Data Collection: Next is to collect job-related data including educational qualifications of employees, skills and abilities required to perform the job, working conditions, job activities, reporting hierarchy, required human traits, job activities, duties and responsibilities involved and employee behavior, Documentation, Verification and Review: Proper documentation is done to verify the authenticity of collected data and then review it. This is the final information that is used to describe a specific

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