The Johnnit: A Short Story

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H There once was a man named Johnnit; he lived on Mt. Potenuse. It is in the shape of a right triangle, and Johnnit lived high on the longest side. He was known by everyone in the town named Wrightriangle, which was below the mountain. The town hated Johnnit because they thought he was taking their water. One day when the townspeople got tired of losing their water, they walked up the long side of the mountain and confronted Johnnit. The people of Wrightriangle told Johnnit that he had two days to stop stealing their water or he would be banished from Mt. Potenuse and be carried off to a faraway island. Johnnit did not know what to do; he hadn 't stole a thing in his life and loved his mountain, so he decided to figure out what was happening to the water in Wrightriangle. He went to the town that he would…show more content…
The first day he went to the city hall and saw if anything was unusual.He saw that there was more water leaving the lake than there was people in the town getting it, so the townspeople were not taking it. Then he checked if there was any piping not connected to the city, but there wasn 't. Johnnit had given up by morning the next day; he had searched the whole day and night trying to find out what happened to all the water. That evening it was time to for him to leave the mountains and he still had no idea. As the town tied him up in the boat and went to blindfold him, he saw what looked like water draining out of a bathtub like a whirlpool. It then hit him; the water was being drained out of a sinkhole. He told the townspeople as quick as he could and showed their attention to the sinkhole. The people immediately let him go and apologised. They filled the hole and stop the draining; Johnnit was the town hero and got to stay on the long side of Mt. Potenuse near the town Wrightriangle. So next time you want to know what the long side of a right triangle aka the hypotenuse is, remember Johnnit and how he saved the town Wrightriangle and lived
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