The Johnstown Flood Analysis

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The Johnstown Flood , by David McCullough. 1968 in New York. 302 pages.
The main theme of the Johnstown Flood is how risky and dangerous it is to expect from individuals that are in positions of responsibility are acting responsibly. The Johnstown flood is a story of humans manipulating nature without due understanding and caution. David McCullough was born on July 7, 1993 ,and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Known as the ‘master of the art of narrative history’, is an American writer, narrator, historian and lecturer. David McCullough has twice received the Pulitzer Prize, for Truman and John Adams, and twice received the National Book Award, for The Path Between the Seas and Mornings on Horseback. His other acclaimed books include
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The big storm came such force that McCullough describes the event with such detail. The whole city had been shut down and nearly 10,000 people had gone up to the new burying grounds.In the end, 2,209 lost their lives, many of those bodies were never found. All the ceremonies had been held at Grandview Cemetery.All the monuments that were built for the people, were arranged very precisely in rows. There were 777 white marble headstones.Not all 777 were full of bodies, they had been some extra stones to make the pattern even throughout the plot.However, many of the bodies were unknown, there was a granite monument dedicated to those people.There were many speeches dedicated to those who died. One of the longest and best was by the Governor, Robert Pattison.Many people gave donations to the town as well as many people came to help with the recovery and to rescue, they only realized that it would take months even years to clear everything. Due to the great disaster there would be major attractions for many seasons. Also, the author stated how ''Run for the hills, the dam has busted'' was a line frequently used by the people over for…show more content…
The Johnstown Flood was a disaster that had a big impact throughout the town. All the families became scared and traumatized of such magnitude that the storm had.Not knowthing if tehre was gonna be another flood coming their way.For example, When the author describes how the torrent of water destroyed houses,trains, tracks,machinery and everything else that was in its path.Also, another description that that caught my attention is how he describes ''It was almost as though there was nothing even like a city anywhere near''. It specifically backs up every other detail mentioned before. Also, when the dam decided to give up from so much water we can conclude that there was incredibly brave people that wanted to save as many lives as possible. Many people got separated from their families when the big wave came rushing down. Many of their family members went missing due to the fact that many bodies were never found and uknown.The Johnstown flood was one of the most devastating disasters American has had to go
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