The Joker In The Suicide Squad

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“Why so serious?” This has been a popular phrase said by an endless amount of people for more than a century. Who says this phrase? Why, the ever extravagant character- The Joker, of course. The Joker has been reincarnated by several different actors, but out of all of them, the recent actor, Jared Leto in the movie, Suicide Squad, has the best interpretation. Based on knowledge from the original comics and notes from Bill Finger (creator of The Joker), Leto successfully portrayed the character. To play The Joker, an actor must be able to accomplish three simple tasks: portray his lunatic nature, display how manipulative the character is and lastly, be able to present his poetic view on life.
The most notable feature of The Joker is his laugh. This character finds joy in
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There is always a scene where the Joker is talking to his henchmen and the fear and respect conveyed on their faces is crystal clear. The interesting part is, The Joker doesn’t do anything but use his words and body language to manipulate people. He may be deranged, but at least he’s smart. The scene goes as follows: The Joker is meeting with a client about making a deal. The client and The Joker get sidetracked and talk about Harley Quinn and how “lucky” The Joker is to have her. The Joker then switches the conversation smoothly by putting the guy in a no win situation. The client is offered a deal. Either he's accepting The Joker's offer, which would be screwing with his girlfriend, or he says no, meaning that she's not pleasing enough for him. Whatever he says, The Joker would kill him. Leto does a marvelous job in portraying The Joker’s manipulate quality. Leto nonchalantly inches towards the client throughout the scene, making him uncomfortable, while also having a bored expression which matches the dialogue perfectly. He has moments where he's charming and almost socially-awkwardly innocent, then he flips a switch and his manipulation goes into
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