The Jon Ramsey Case

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JonBonet, who was named Little Miss Colorado in the mid 90’s , was the daughter of John and Patricia "Patsy" Ramsey. The 6-year-old daughter of a business executive was found slain in the basement of her home hours after her mother discovered a ransom note indicating the girl had been kidnapped according The Record [Bergen County, N.J]. Many crimes go unsolved, because of mistakes created by the officers or investigators at the crime scene such as tampering with evidence, flaws in the legal system, and departments giving up on cases of up to a year. For one thing, it was reported in the article that the crime scene was hopelessly tampered with when the victim’s father, Jon Ramsey, picked up and moved his daughter’s body from the storeroom…show more content…
There is innovative technology that has been linked to solving cases from many years ago. The case went cold and then reopened with the introduction of new evidence. With the new forensics there are suspects that have served to time in prison and were released back to society. Being able to help out for better or for worst, depending on which end of the law you’re standing on. DNA testing on evidence taken from the JonBonet Ramsey crime scene is expected to take at least six weeks, police said, as their investigation approached 100 days. With this being said, no case should ever go cold and unsolved, it is just a matter of time for this new technology to advance and help us out and grow as a community. The police and the jury play a big part, but also the public’s reactions to the case. The public also has the right to ask questions, they feel the need to be…show more content…
I understand it is an expensive case to keep open. JonBenet’s case had a total cost of 2 million dollars. The departments couldn’t afford to keep this case open. There were many possible suspects, from her parents to a teacher. In 2008 prosecutors publicly stated that the Ramsey family was clear from the suspects (chp 1 page 9). I believe there should be a dedicated team of individuals who specialize in these cases, that don’t give up as new technology and evidence arises. Concluding this paper, we have considered the JonBenet case that occurred in 1996 and how it was closed and reopened. Keeping in mind that a third of all homicide cases go unsolved, statistically this is a big number considering the number of people living in the U.S.A. We see how important it is to not compromise any evidence in a crime scene it could very well dictate the results of solving the case. Because mistakes caused by the officers, or investigators at a crime scene such as tampering with evidence, flaws in the legal system, and departments giving up on cases of up to a year many go
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