The Journey Movie Analysis

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Based on the film, 'The Journey ' write an essay analyzing the themes and issues presented in the film.
This heart-warming Malaysian movie has many themes that are very true to our daily lives. Being a multiracial country, many cultures and traditions co-exist. With cultures and traditions come superstitions. In this film, a collision of cultures and traditions occur. This collision of cultures and traditions happen between Bee, Benji and Uncle Chuan. Bee grew up in Malaysia until a certain age of 8-10 and was then after sent to England by her father for better education. Uncle Chuan being strict in cultural and traditional matters finds it hard to accept Benji, the Caucasian man his daughter is engaged to. The superstitious side of Uncle Chuan is first seen at the dinner table where Benji offers the head of the chicken to him which means bad luck to him. The engaged couple is then not able to stay and sleep in the same room because of the cultural beliefs Uncle Chuan abides by. Uncle Chuan reluctantly approves of their marriage on one condition-handing out their wedding invitations by hand and having a banquet in the highlands. The next morning, Benji gets into an argument with Bee due to the vast cultural differences. Benji refuses to compromise until he learns about the fact that Bee is carrying their child. Benji learns to take a step back and compromises with Uncle Chuan to send the wedding invitations by hand. Through Benji 's small effort to compromise, the duo set
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