Journey Of The Hero In Dante's 'La Vita Nuova'

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As Christianity came into play, literature, music, and art all changed. The “journey of the hero” was changed. The character that would have been known as the warrior in earlier times was now known as a lover. Instead of the hero being public, he was now a private person. In the texts, private events were the main part of the stories rather than huge historical events. The poetry was more lyrical in ways that it expressed emotions that were not expressed from earlier works. The new works were also more written in first person, rather than third person as in earlier ones. Finally, instead of the literature being a story of history, it became more of an autobiography of the author. The works such as “La Vita Nuova” was an autobiography of Dante. The hero started to go through events that were more religious than before. As we can see in Dante’s “La Vita Nuova” Dante (the hero) ends up having a religious experience. Dante’s great life event was meeting Beatrice Portinari. He falls in love at an early age with a girl named Beatrice but loses contact with her until years later. After seeing her again, his feelings are affirmed but soon after she gets married and dies. In the final section of “La Vita Nuova” the…show more content…
He became a poet and wrote about courtly love and chivalry. He only became a poet because he saw visions of Beatrice (after her death) and in his third vision, Beatrice doesn’t greet him, making him feel heartbroken and overwhelmed with love and grief at the same time. He became a poet because he believed that that was the only way that he could express his love to the beautiful, lovely Beatrice. However, he also loved himself. He viewed himself like a psychologist would. He had this view of love because to him, love had changed his life completely by him meeting and immediately falling in love with Beatrice. Dante believed that romantic love was going to make him smarter and also make him a better
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