The Joy Luck Club

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In the novel Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, the author’s style is expressed using different components such as flashbacks, word choice, and talking in the perspective of different main characters. All of these components contribute to the author's main style which can be described as serious and emotional. The author includes many flashbacks of the different characters previous lives in the novel. This is seen in the first chapter, explained by Jing-Mei Woo (one of the main characters) when she is thinking about her mother, who used to be the “leader” of the Joy Luck Club, where it states “The week before she died, she called me, full of pride, full of life: ‘Auntie Lin cooked red bean soup for Joy Luck. I’m going to cook black sesame seed soup’.”…show more content…
The flashbacks also give characterization and bring up conflicts in the past that help develop the plot. As well as this Amy Tan often includes words and phrases in Chinese to enhance the effect of the characters Chinese…show more content…
This also shows that the author knows well about what she is writing about and the way of life for the Chinese families. As well as this Amy Tan uses the different main characters in the book to explain their experiences and opinions, meaning the narrator of the book changes throughout the novel as well as the story that is told in the book depending on which character is the narrator. In the first chapter, told by Jing-Mei Woo it talks about what is currently going on in the Joy Luck Club, everything is changing due to the narrator’s mother death such as how now Jing-Mei Woo is expected to replace/take the position that her mother took at the Joy Luck Club, which is very important to Jing-Mei but may not have been mentioned if the story was told by another character. Whereas in the second chapter, which is told by one of the Joy Luck Club mothers, An-Mei Hsu, is mainly about her childhood and past experiences before moving to America, which could not have been told by any of the other main characters. This allows the reader to look at the different opinions of the different

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