The Judge's Story: The Supreme Court Case

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This story is about the Supreme Court’s decision. What process did this case have to go through to get to the Supreme Court? After reviewing this video on the story of the Supreme Court’s decision, I noticed the women had to go through many tribulations to be heard. However, it was not good enough because they still did not avail. The women had brought together millions of women to show they all felt they were under paid. They felt they were being discriminated against because of their gender. They fought to get to the Supreme Court for 10 years. The Supreme Court’s judges did not come to a mutual agreement as one Judge felt they did not have sufficient evidence to win a case of its nature against Wal-Mart. Moving forward the decision was made that any woman making claims they are being discriminated…show more content…
In the story, two justices wrote differing opinions about the issue. Discuss the differences between a majority opinion, a concurring opinion, and a dissenting opinion. What effect does each type of opinion have on the state of the law in America? A majority opinion is when one of the three appellate court judges’ records a collective decision and their reasons. These precedent valued decisions are used by attorneys in assisting their clients with advice on how to react in situations. Also it assist judges with making upcoming decisions due to the fact they have been in a situation with similar outcomes. A concurring opinion is when the majority of the judges agree on a decision but it is for a dissimilar reason. She or he would prepare a concurring opinion explaining how this outcome was decided. When a judge or judges disagree with the majority vote, they would at that time write a dissenting opinion. This opinion will include the reason why their conclusion is contrary to that of the majority’s opinion. A dissenting opinion can also be cited by attorneys aiming to change laws. An appellate judge can also submit a dissenting opinion to change a

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