The July Crisis Essay

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The July Crisis, this was a series of events which spark the war among the great power across Europe. This event started because of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 28 of June 1914 in Bosnia by the Serbs. The Austrian-Hungary thought that the Serbian government had a direct influence with the assassination, which caused the several chain of events which led to World War 1. There were several players that worsen the crisis, these players are Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia and Serbia. However the events of the July crisis was mostly conducted by Austria-Hungary because of failure of diplomacy, the wanting of war and the ultimatum. Austria-Hungary was the main cause of the July crisis because they failed to create diplomacy.…show more content…
They hated each other. So with the assassination of one of the Austrian royal member, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, This caused A-H to have a proper excuse to start a war. They actual had to start a conflict because if they ignore this assassination it would greatly injure their status and prestige as a great power. Prestige and status was important at the time, countries would want to compete each other, to be the most powerful nation in the European power. Because of its importance at the time, countries are forced to do action that was unnecessary and that would start conflict. So what A-H did was they took action and sent an ultimatum to Serbia that should humiliate Serbia. The action displayed by A-H provoke Serbia, and that the ultimatum that was sent by A-H, was quoted from Winston Churchill “the most insolent document of its kind ever devised”. And worse Serbia couldn’t agree to all of them because it would be a breach of Serbian sovereignty. Which forced Serbia to disagree to one of the demands and caused A-H to declare war. However this is not entirely Serbia’s fault, A-H showed lack of respect to Serbia and gave demands that could not be fulfilled. Serbia wanted to resolve the issue, to rebuild the relationship they had destroyed with A-H but it was not possible. A-H wanted to humiliate Serbia but this time it was taking a step too far which started the
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